Who is Soulesque?
I am an artist with a passion for photography, design, music, and automobiles.  Born and raised in Queens, NY, I was immersed in the arts rather early in life. Greatly inspired by the musical talents of my father, along with the unique style and eye for design of my mother, my earliest experiences were driven through and by art. Although a love for music occupied many of my adolescent years, a camera later passed down to me from my mother came to inspire an entirely new way of creating. While my drive to create through this rather unfamiliar medium wasn't immediate, a love for exploring the city of New York soon inspired me to approach the tool with a new set of eyes. I then took to photographing my favored locations in the outer-boroughs, all-the-while honing in on my post-processing skills. As time passed, my love for minimalism and modern design weaved its way into my work, resulting in what I believe represents my style today.